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5 Cleaning and Decluttering Ideas for Your Home (and Life)

February 9, 2019 | Family Life

Whether you’re snowed in or feeling blue because of the winter darkness, it’s time for some tidying up with winter organizing tips!

Getting organized can help lift your mood and make your everyday life easier. One of the most common resolutions we make any time of the year is to declutter and organize.

If you’re spending a lot of time indoors, a little home organization can simplify your life making you feel happier and less stressed. With everything organized, your home will become a place of calm instead of chaos, helping you relax despite the lack of sun. Here are some simple organizing tips and ideas to get you started!

Quick Organizing Tips and Ideas

If your entire home needs to be organized, the thought of starting can feel overwhelming. Where should you begin?

We recommend starting with whatever bothers you the most or disrupts the flow of your day. For example, if your pantry is disorganized, you might have trouble finding ingredients for dinner. Think: what part of your home causes you stress instead of relaxation due to disorganization? Start there.

If several areas of your home are equally irritating, start with the area that comes earliest in your day. In other words, when you wake up in the morning, where do you go first?

By tidying these “morning areas” first, you’ll at least start your day right. The following tips have been ordered in this way, starting with the morning.

Morning Routine Makeup Organization

For many women, makeup is a standard part of their morning routine. Depending on how much makeup you use and own, organizing your makeup can be quick or painstaking.

Either way, it’s important to choose the right storage container for your makeup. Labeled drawers, clear boxes, and cosmetic towers can all work great. Choose something that fits your style. For inspiration, take a look at these 8 makeup organization hacks.

Reboot Your Wardrobe with Closet Organization

Keeping your wardrobe organized is important for both men and women. Without a well-organized closet, you could waste time trying to find a good outfit in the morning. If your clothes are piled together, they may get wrinkled and start smelling stale, which can affect your overall appearance.

One of the best ways to tidy up your closet is to get rid of clothes you don’t wear. Often, closets get disorganized because there are too many unused clothes hogging the space. Once you remove these clothes, it’ll be much easier to keep your closet in order.

Clothes Storage

Shoe Organization to Make Your Feet Happy

Like clothes, shoes tend to get disorganized if there are too many crammed into a small space. You either need to get rid of shoes or expand this space by getting a shoe organizer, like one of these.

If you already have a shoe organizer and it’s not working, it might be time to choose a different type of shoe organizer. Shoe racks aren’t your only option. You can try a shoe cabinet, over-the-door organizers, or clear boxes, for instance. Find something that works for you!

Desk Organization Tips to Boost Your Productivity

The key to an organized, productive workspace is eliminating clutter and distractions. With this in mind, approach your desk as you would a messy closet: keep only what you need, and file away or toss the rest.

By limiting the number of items on your desk, you’ll create more space for productive work. This includes decorative items like photo frames. For those items, it’s best to use a shelf or hang them on the wall so your desk remains for work only.

If your desk keeps getting cluttered due to paperwork, you might need to rethink your filing system. Consider using a desk organizer or filing cabinet for paperwork you currently need and put the rest in a labeled storage box.

In addition, try to cut down on little notes by putting them on a bulletin board or entering the details in your phone or personal planner. Then, your desk will be free of unnecessary scraps of paper.

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Home Organization is Easier During Winter with Metro Self Storage

Winter is a great time to organize your home for several reasons. First, you likely have more clutter now than in the summer, as you’re staying indoors more often. You probably have more “stuff” to deal with, too, such as winter gear, warm clothes, and Christmas toys.

All this extra clutter should be viewed as an opportunity. You can make a big difference now and organize everything before spring and summer arrive. Start now when you’re stuck inside, and you’ll be grateful later when the sun draws you outside and away from home. Find the nearest Metro Self Storage location to get the space you need today!