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Clutter and Your Mental Health

October 4, 2022 | Home Organization

As clutter increases around your home or business, it can start to cause underlying effects on your mental health and productivity. For many, a clean, organized space provides peace of mind. We’ll walk through the benefits of keeping a clean, organized space and tips on how to organize your space effectively.

Can Clutter Cause Stress?

Studies show that clutter does have an impact on your mental health. A cluttered environment can make people feel stressed, anxious, and even depressed. A study conducted in 2009 showed that those in a cluttered environment had high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

The stress from clutter can produce a low-level fight-or-flight response. Additionally, the weight of stress inflicted by a disorganized space can interrupt productivity. With our brains fixated on the constant reminder of clutter, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. Decluttering your workspace will likely decrease stress caused by a disorder and be able to free up your mind to focus on necessary tasks.

How Clutter Affects Your Brain

Our brains like order, and being reminded repeatedly of a disorganized space can be taxing on our brains. In addition to interrupting workflow and being unable to relax at home, a cluttered bedroom can cause sleeping issues as well. This type of stress can also trigger coping methods such as binge-watching tv and stress-eating junk food. Multiple studies have found a correlation between clutter and unhealthy eating habits. Continuously feeling anxious and stressed can take a toll on your body, both physically and mentally. Take time to organize your home and workspace to create a safe, healthy environment.

Tips on How To Declutter Your Home or Business

A cluttered environment can be overwhelming, which can make it difficult to know where to start when cleaning up and getting organized. However, there are tips and tricks to effectively organize your home or business and stay organized. Creating a plan to organize your home or office room by room can make the process more manageable. 

Create a Plan of Attack

When it comes to organization, a main benefit is that you get to set up your space in a way that works for you. For example, if you prefer to start with the area that needs the most work and then tackle the others, do that. Or if you prefer to gradually make your way to the area that needs the most work, you have the freedom to do so. Once you find a plan that works for you, it can help you organize more efficiently and stay organized in the long term.

Invest in Storage Organizers

White storage totes and bins holding make up and nail polish.

If you struggle to know where to begin when organizing your home or business, consider utilizing storage organizers. Storage organizers can help you sort and categorize your items for easy accessibility and order. It can be helpful to start by grouping similar items together and get rid of any items you no longer use or need. Downsizing your belongings can help you better organize your items and avoid clutter.

There are plenty of storage organizers to choose from, based on size, style, and function. Depending on what items you are storing, there are different variations of drawers and shelving units to choose from. Cube organizers are great for storing miscellaneous items and also can double as a décor piece. With a variety of designs and colors, you can pick a design to match the theme of your room. The cube totes are easy for storing various items such as card games, books, video games, remotes, and more.

Free Up Space in Your Home or Business With Metro Self Storage

Organizing doesn’t have to be tedious. Maintaining an organized, tidy space can clear your head space and help improve your daily routine and responsibilities. Utilizing self storage can help free up space in your home or business without having to get rid of anything. Planning out and utilizing the right storage tools can go a long way in creating additional space in your home and staying organized.

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