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How Brooklyn Storage Lockers Make Your NYC Lifestyle More Fun

December 14, 2021 | Storage Tips

Everyone moving to a Brooklyn high-rise, historic bungalow, or studio apartment has one thing in common: the need for more storage space. That’s why convenient and affordable Brooklyn storage lockers can make your NYC lifestyle a little more fun and a lot more organized. 

As New York City’s most populous borough, Brooklyn has transformed itself over the last few years, making it a highly desirable place to live for families, professionals, and artists alike. In fact, over the past year, Manhattanites have been moving to Brooklyn in droves. 

So whether you plan to move into a small studio apartment, a Brownstone, or a high-rise offering luxury living, we’ve got some ideas on how to utilize small storage units and storage lockers to solve your space dilemma. 

Brooklyn Storage Lockers vs. Storage Units

Hallway lined with storage units at the Sheepshead Bay Metro Self Storage facility.
Metro Self Storage Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

A storage unit is an enclosed space accessed by roll-up doors and is part of a larger storage facility. A storage locker has the same attributes but is smaller than a storage unit but bigger than your gym locker from high school. 

The most popular storage unit sizes are 5×5 and 5×10 units. However, 10×20 to 10×30 and larger commercial units are popular choices for business storage needs and larger households. 

Renting a storage unit is ideal whether you’re moving to Brooklyn or simply need more closet space for your belongings than your apartment or house provides. Not every facility offers storage lockers, however. It’s what makes them in high demand in big cities where soaring real estate prices drive rental rates. 

Storage lockers are typically 3×3 to 3×4 and sometimes 3×5 with varying depths depending on the layout making them the perfect size for seasonal storage. 

The best storage lockers are housed inside a secure, climate-controlled building that offers the same features as storage units—only more affordable. However, it’s worth noting that the types and ages of storage facilities vary widely by location, and not all facilities offer Brooklyn storage lockers. 

In an urban center like Brooklyn, you can find Class-A storage facilities (the best!) that have a combination of desirable features, including budget-friendly storage lockers. Class-A storage centers feature above-average design and construction quality, making them more aesthetically pleasing in their neighborhoods. 

At Metro Self Storage, customers enjoy all of these features and more, including modern storage offices staffed with friendly professionals, temperature-controlled units, 24-hour security cameras, well-lit hallways, and mobile-friendly websites to make reserving your Brooklyn, NY Storage unit a breeze

Storage Lockers Help Alleviate Seasonal Storage 

Most Brooklynites use storage units as an extension of their homes. So if you’re living an active lifestyle, raising a family or all of the above, finding a secure and conveniently located storage unit is cheaper and more convenient than sizing up a home in the Brooklyn real estate market. 

If you’re planning for future children, a storage locker is a great place to store baby gear. If you have a home office or run a home-based business, storage lockers are ideal for storing tax documents and other vital records. And even after decluttering, most of us discover essential items we need but infrequently use, like holiday decorations and seasonal sports gear. 

A storage locker can also handle most household items and sentimental keepsakes. Even after you’ve decluttered, or maybe you’re a minimalist, it’s not always realistic to get rid of everything we own.

You may discover there are more items that you want to keep but simply don’t have space for. In that case, consider a small, 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit as an economical storage solution and one that will give you room to grow.

Storage Lockers Come in Handy for Brooklyn Artists and Makers

Brooklyn is a great place to be an artist. After all, it’s home to Etsy, Inc., the e-commerce company supporting artists who make handmade jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, and more. 

If you’re an artist, you understand the importance of keeping supplies well organized. But not everyone can afford to dedicate an entire room in their Brooklyn apartment or Brownstone to creating art. First, your space and storage requirements will depend on the medium(s) you work in and inform the size of space you need to create your masterpieces. 

  • Store extra artist supplies in sturdy, stackable containers
  • Label your supplies to make identifying and accessing your items easier.
  • Storage lockers are the perfect size to store camera and video equipment

So whether you’re a painter, a maker, or a graphic designer, a storage locker can be an economical way to utilize a secure and convenient off-site storage solution. 

Find Your Metro Storage Locker Today

Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase your next home in Sheepshead Bay, you’ll find peace of mind storing your belongings with Metro Self Storage in New York. Our modern storage facility is conveniently located on Knapp Street across from Deauville Marina and Regal UA Sheepshead Bay. 

You’ll find a wide selection of unit sizes and amenities, including hard-to-find storage lockers. So whether you are looking to store long-term or you need a short-term storage solution, our friendly storage experts are here to help. Reserve your storage unit in Brooklyn, NY online at any time and remember, you’re always welcome to swing by our facility on Knapp Street to tour our property.