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Popular Reasons People Need Self Storage

February 1, 2022 | Lifestyle

Why do people use storage? At Metro Self Storage, we help our customers organize their lives and belongings with clean, affordable self storage units in a variety of sizes. Whether it’s a temporary place to keep your belongings during a move across town or while house hunting, self storage units often provide a great alternative to toting boxes from place to place. 

Are there other reasons to use self storage? Yes! Let’s look at some of the ways self storage can simplify your life—and how Metro Self Storage helps make it happen.

Moving, Decluttering, and Downsizing

The most common uses for self storage are during a move or while in the process of decluttering your home. As you pack items up in your home, you’ll quickly find that having so many boxes scattered about the house can make moving from room to room a bit of a hassle. With a self storage unit at your disposal, getting these things out of the way can help you stay organized.

With self storage units as small as closets, you can declutter rooms or areas of your home without having to worry about preparing for and planning a garage or yard sale. Self storage units don’t have long-term leases, so you can use them for as short a term as possible: whether that’s one month, half a year, or several years. 

If you find that your home is currently too big for your needs but you’re not quite ready to let go of your belongings, a self storage unit can be a safe space to keep them until you’re ready to say goodbye or pass them along to your family.

Self Storage Makes Dorm Life Easy

If you go to school out-of-state, it’s often easier to leave essential dorm items near campus while you’re at home for the summer. Having a self storage unit near campus allows you to keep heavy items such as furniture, appliances like mini-fridges and microwaves, bedding, and more. Some self storage facilities even offer student discounts when you present your student ID. 

Self Storage Makes Military Deployments Less Stressful

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Military deployments can be taxing, especially when you can’t take most of your possessions with you. Instead of paying rent on an apartment (and then having friends or family pay a visit to ensure your belongings are where you left them), renting a self storage unit can be a cost-effective way to keep everything in one place. It costs significantly less than an apartment each month and it helps you avoid shipping your belongings to your new, temporary home.

Moving gets even more complicated for military families, who often are asked to uproot for years at a time. Instead of leaving things behind, self storage allows you to relocate your whole life but still keep it close at hand for when a much-needed box of dishes or toys is requested.

Self Storage Makes Organizing After a Life Event a Little Easier

Chaotic life events can lead to lots of questions. Losing a loved one often means going through their belongings and making hard decisions. There’s no need to rush when you rent a self storage unit. Sort and organize at your own pace and use a self storage unit as you figure out the next steps, whether that’s staging the home for sale or moving those extra items into your home.

If your needs involve downsizing due to moving into senior living or because you (or a loved one) can no longer take care of a full-sized home, self storage can give you the opportunity to downsize on your terms. Keep your belongings close at hand for when you need them again.

Boat and RV Storage Frees Up Space in Your Garage and Driveway

Storage isn’t just for boxes, furniture, or antiques. Many storage facilities offer parking for boats and RVs. Because these vehicles are often big and bulky, they can take up too much real estate in your garage. In some cases, you may not even be able to park them on your property. Boat, RV, and car storage can help declutter your driveway and return that spare space to you.

Self storage Helps You Create Space for Your Business to Grow

Self storage isn’t just useful for your personal needs. Many businesses trust self storage units to hold their additional inventory or their equipment. Regardless of your type of operation—from photography to pharmaceutical sales to construction—a self storage unit can help you effectively manage your business and give you the space to grow.

Find Affordable, Convenient Self Storage with Metro Self Storage

When you need self storage to help transition from one stage of life to another or to help your business grow, Metro Self Storage can help. We offer storage units in a variety of sizes and can help you with the process of packing, moving, unloading, and relocating. Find your nearest Metro Self Storage location today.