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How Self Storage Benefits Motorcycle Owners

August 11, 2021 | Storage Tips

Whether you live in an apartment or your garage is overflowing, having extra space to store an additional vehicle isn’t always an option. Even so, garages and sheds may not be pest-free or safe places to store high-value items like motorcycles.

Mice and other small rodents are attracted to motorcycle exhaust pipes and engine compartments for safety and shelter. Pests can also chew through wires, rubber, or leather on motorcycles in a short amount of time. 

These are just a few reasons choosing a secure, well-maintained storage facility to store your motorcycle could be the right solution for you. So whether you need a place to park your motorcycle during winter months or in between weekend rides, there are plenty of benefits to storing your motorcycle in a secure storage unit. 

The Benefits of Using Self Storage for Motorcycles

Choosing a motorcycle storage unit at a secure and well-maintained storage facility comes with several advantages. Besides online bill payment options and friendly professional customer service, there are several features you should expect to find at a top-notch storage facility

Drive-Up Access

One of the most convenient self storage features is drive-up access, which gives vehicle owners the ability to drive their motorcycles right into a secure unit; it’s like an extra garage with all the bells and whistles! 

Drive-up motorcycle units also make it easy for loading and unloading if you’re bringing your ride in the back of your truck or on a trailer.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled units are designed to prevent large temperature swings and moderate humidity levels. When it comes to long-term motorcycle storage, choose a temperature-controlled unit if you live in a climate that experiences extreme heat, humidity, or both to avoid rust and corrosion.

24-Hour Access 

While not a requirement for all motorcycle owners, 24-access storage is a perk if you think you might want to grab your bike at odd hours. Otherwise, make sure your storage facility offers access hours after work, on the weekends, and on holidays.

24-Hour Security

Installing security systems in your home can be complicated and expensive. Self storage facilities offer a range of security features, which can include all or a combination of individually-alarmed units, on-site management, 24-hour video surveillance, fully fenced perimeters, well-lit spaces, and secure keypad gated access. 

Types of Motorcycle Storage

There’s no doubt that your motorcycle is a big investment. A new motorcycle can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 for entry-level bikes up to $30,000 and up for high-end cruisers and motorcycle trikes. So when you need to store your motorcycle, it’s important to properly ensure it’s safe, easy to access, and protected.

Covered Motorcycle Storage 

Covered motorcycle storage is an outdoor parking option that provides coverage from rain and sun exposure but is open on the sides. As a result, a cover can come in handy for outdoor motorcycle storage to offer additional protection against driving rains and UV exposure. 

Storage facilities that offer covered parking for recreational vehicles such as RVs, boats, and motorcycles should have a fully fenced perimeter in addition to well-lit exterior spaces and 24-hour video surveillance. 

Enclosed Motorcycle Storage

Enclosed motorcycle storage options include drive-up units that feature large roll-up doors and are accessed from a drive aisle. These types of units are the most versatile and will sometimes include climate-control features. 

The other type of enclosed motorcycle storage can frequently be found in multi-story storage facilities that are always climate-controlled. You’ll need to call the facility or visit them online to confirm they offer motorcycle storage units. 

While it’s possible to find climate-controlled motorcycle units in both types of facilities, there are pros and cons to each. For instance, you may prefer the convenience of having an exterior, drive-up access unit that acts as an extra garage. 

Alternatively, if you live in a region of the country that experiences harsh weather, then a fully enclosed climate-controlled facility will keep your bike in top-notch condition, and you’ll be more comfortable when visiting. 

Common Motorcycle Storage Unit Sizes

Storage unit sizes are designed to hold a wide range of household, business, recreational items, and more. When it comes to motorcycle storage at a self storage facility, you’ll have several choices when selecting the right unit size and location within the facility. Here are some popular motorcycle storage unit sizes:

5×10 Storage Units

If you have a standard motorcycle, 25- to 35-inches wide, then a 5×10 storage unit will give you just enough space to store extra gear like leather jackets, helmets, and other motorcycle accessories. Depending on the length of your bike, you may be able to store recreational equipment too. 

However, if you have a larger model, sizing up to a 10×10 or even 10×15 could be necessary, depending on the length of your bike. Either way, you’ll have some extra space to store other types of recreational and household items.

10×10 Storage Units 

As we recommended, a larger storage unit is advisable for oversized motorcycle models. For instance, touring motorcycles are amongst the biggest bikes on the road. With factory-installed storage boxes for long-distance trips, touring bikes and cruisers can reach 35- to 40-inches wide. 

Find Motorcycle Storage at Metro Self Storage

Utilizing a self storage unit to store your motorcycle is an excellent way to ensure your investment remains in tip-top shape throughout the year. Living in an apartment or home without a garage, traveling abroad, and military deployment are a few of the most common reasons to choose a secure and reliable storage facility for motorcycle storage.

That’s why so many motorcycle enthusiasts choose Metro Self Storage. Our top-notch facilities are well lit, secure, and properly maintained for new and returning tenants alike. Some our facilities are even specially equipped for motorcycle storage, such as our Woodbridge, NJ, facility. Looking for a different facility to accommodate your motorcycle? Select a Metro location near you to rent your unit today!