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Portable Storage

Are you renovating your home, relocating, or simply running out of space? Forget the hassle of renting moving trucks and making multiple trips to storage facilities. Metro Storage, in collaboration with Flex Moving & Storage, brings the convenience of portable storage directly to your doorstep.
Our portable storage units save you time and effort by eliminating the need to load and unload multiple times. Keep your belongings accessible on your property, or let us store them for you at one of our secure storage sites. Whether it’s for a temporary outdoor shed during a home renovation or moving across town, our portable storage solution provides ultimate flexibility and ease. Simplify your storage with our door-to-door delivery and keep your items in one place—safe, sound, and easily accessible.

Our Portable Storage Units

Custom designed for mobility, durability, and optimum protection for your belongings, our smart & portable storage units redefine convenience and security:

  • Solar-Powered Climate System: Internal and external temperature & humidity sensors and responsive vents that regulate the internal storage conditions.
  • Weather-Resistant Build: High-quality aluminum frame, wall & ceiling insulation, and anti-flood elevation off the ground.
  • Advanced Security Features: Robust bar locks, hitch lock, live GPS, motion sensors, and automated security alerts.
  • Convenient Design: Rear loading ramp, side access door, and effortless maneuverability. Our units fit into any parking spot or driveway, and their lawn-safe construction means they can be placed on your property without damaging your grass.

Why Choose Portable Storage?

Who Can Benefit from Portable Storage?

How Much Does a Portable Storage Unit Cost?

There are several factors that determine how much portable storage will cost per month. These include where you live, the time of year you rent a storage unit, the duration of storage, whether you apply for any of our discounts, additional services requested, and more.

When choosing portable storage, understanding the cost structure is crucial to making an informed decision that suits your budget and needs.
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Delivery & Pickup:
Delivery/pickup charges are based on your precise location and distance from our storage facility. To find out the exact price of delivery to your location, please enter your zip code here to get an instant online quote.

Portable Storage Unit Sizes

Our portable storage units come in two sizes:

*If you need more space, several units can be provided at a discount.

How It Works

  1. Get a Quote: Simply click here, fill in your zip code, and select your preferences in order to get an instant online quote.
  2. Book Your Unit: You will not be charged until the day before your unit delivery. Bookings can be changed or canceled any time, free of charge.
  3. Schedule a Delivery: Choose a delivery window that fits your schedule.
  4. Pack at Your Pace: Load up the unit at your convenience, or let our professionals do it for you.
  5. Store At-Home or With Us: Keep the unit on your property or have it stored at our secured facility.

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